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Background Screen Information

History :

Over the past 10 years, since the program inception with the Safety Council Security Consortium’s(SCSC) Safety Council Basic Package, there have been several program enhancements. In 2005 the Basic Package was upgraded to include the grading or adjudication of criminal background and Patriot Act search results and the screen became known as the Background Check Graded® (BCG®) package. In 2012 the BCG® package was upgraded to include an expanded identity authentication process, expanded criminal searches to include all identifiable maiden names and alias, addition of a federal criminal search and the addition of a comprehensive national criminal records database search to identify other potential known activity.

The current BCG® package is recognized as industry standards for contractor security screening. The overall success of the program can be defined in the shear volume of the workforce that has been screened through the SCSC model.

Grading :

Grading of criminal searches is conducted for eight levels, scaling up from “00” = clear record, “01” & “02” misdemeanors, “03” through “06” = felonies and “07” = Patriot Act Search hit. Once all county level jurisdictional searches are completed, a final package grade will be associated with the applicants record.

BCG® Grading Matrix

BCG 2.0 News Release

SCSC BCG 2.0 Case Study

If you have any questions concerning the background screening process, please contact Victoria Baker at 409-724-2565 ext. 1118 or email victoria@istc.net


Background Screen Online Tutorial

Background Screen Multi-vendor Tutorial

Qualified Vendor Information
               American Background
               First Advantage
               S2 Verify

Printable pdf tutorial


BCG - Frequently Asked Questions


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