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ISTC Course List

Core Programs  
Class Code Course Description  
09BNNR BASIC PLUS™ Non-Reciprocal
09HSAFE HealthSafe
09OST OfficeSafe
09SBASIC Spanish Basic Orientation
09SUPV101 Supervision 101
Facility Site Specific  
Class Code Course Description  
09APPA Air Products - Port Arthur
09APCSI Air Products Contractor Safety Induction
09APCC Air Products Corpus Christi Site Specific
09AVH American Valve and Hydrant - Beaumont
09ACCR Arkema - Crosby TX
09AC Arkema - formerly Atochem/ATOFINA - Beaumont
09BASF BASF - Beaumont
09BASFPAGM BASF Port Arthur Gas Monitoring
09BYB Bayer Polymers - Baytown
09SBYB Bayer Polymers Spanish - Baytown
09BYBU Bayer Polymers Unit Specific - Baytown
09SBYBU Bayer Polymers Unit Specific Spanish - Baytown
09BEACON Beacon Maritime
09VBEA Beacon Maritime - Vietnamese
09SBEA Beacon Maritime Spanish
09CHEMTRD Chemtrade Refinery Services
09LNG Cheniere Sabine Pass LNG
09CVXPALP Chevron PALP - Port Arthur
09SCPALP Chevron PALP - Spanish - Port Arthur
09SCHPH Chevron Phillips Cedar Bayou - Spanish
09CC Chevron Phillips Chemical - Orange
09CH Chevron Phillips Chemical - Port Arthur
09CHPH Chevron Phillips Chemical Cedar Bayou - Baytown
09SCH Chevron Phillips Port Arthur Spanish
09CCIBMT Coastal Caverns Beaumont TX
09CVFWT Cray Valley - Fire Watch Training
09CV Cray Valley USA LLC
09DCPPSM DCP Midstream
09DCPAL DCP Midstream – Mobile Bay
09DCPST DCP Midstream – Spindletop
09SDCP DCP Midstream Spanish
09ECI Degussa Engineered Carbons - Baytown
09ECIO Degussa Engineered Carbons - Orange
09DPBMT DuPont - Beaumont
09ET Energy Transfer
09ENT Entergy Site Specific
09SENT Entergy Site Specific Spanish
09ENTS Entergy Site Specific Supervisor
09ENPBY Enterprise Baytown Terminal
09ENP Enterprise Products
09ENPMB Enterprise Products - Mont Belvieu
09SENP Enterprise Products - Spanish
09SENPMB Enterprise Products Mont Belvieu - Spanish
09PD Equistar PD Glycol - Beaumont
09MOLDAR ExxonMobil Beaumont Leak Detection and Repair
09EMBOP ExxonMobil BOP - Baytown Olefins Plant
09EMBOPC ExxonMobil BOP - Crew Member Permitting
09EMBOP1 ExxonMobil BOP - Mobile Crane Operations I
09EMBOP2 ExxonMobil BOP - Mobile Crane Operations II
09BOPOHM ExxonMobil BOP - OHM
09EMBOPR ExxonMobil BOP - Permit Recipient
09EMBOPE ExxonMobil BOP - Permit to Enter
09BTEC12 ExxonMobil BTEC Level 1 & 2
09BTEC3 ExxonMobil BTEC Level 3
09EMCP ExxonMobil Chemical - Baytown
09EMMBF2 ExxonMobil MBPP Field Contractor 2 Year
09EMMBC1 ExxonMobil MBPP Field/Office Contractor 1 Year
09EMMBO2 ExxonMobil MBPP Office Contractor 2 Year
09EMMBPA ExxonMobil MBPP Permit Qualified Contractor Part A
09EMMBPB ExxonMobil MBPP Permit Qualified Contractor Part B
09MCPE ExxonMobil PE Plant - Beaumont
09MOPMTR ExxonMobil Permit Training - Beaumont
09EMCOMBO ExxonMobil Refinery & Chemical Plant - Baytown
09MC ExxonMobil Refinery & Chemical Plant - Beaumont
09MO ExxonMobil Refinery & Chemical Plant - Beaumont
09MCS ExxonMobil Refinery & Chemical Plant - Beaumont Spanish
09EMRF ExxonMobil Refinery - Baytown
09MO ExxonMobil Refinery and Chemical Plant - Beaumont
09MOS ExxonMobil Refinery and Chemical Plant - Beaumont Spanish
09FS Firestone - Orange
09FCT First Chemical Texas
09FHR-OB Flint Hills Port Arthur Chemicals - Contractor Onboarding
09FHR Flint Hills Resources
09FHRSL Flint Hills Resources Safety Lead
09GEWPT GE Water & Process Technologies Site Specific
09GERDAU Gerdau Ameristeel
09GY Goodyear - Beaumont
09SGY Goodyear Spanish
09GTL GT Logistics
09HONHR Honeywell - High Risk
09HONLR Honeywell Low Risk Site Specific
09HC Huntsman Port Neches Plant
09INVOC Invista - Orange TX COMBO
09INVHCN Invista HCN Hydrogen Cyanide
09ISP ISP Elastomers - formerly Ameripol/Synpol - Port Neches
09KMTEXHC KMTEX Hazard Communication
09KMTEXPT KMTEX Permit Training
09KMTEX KMTEX Port Arthur
09KPLSLOF Koch Pipeline Sour Lake Olefins Facility
09LXORG Lanxess Orange Plant
09LCY LCY Elastomers - formerly Enichem - Baytown
09SLCY LCY Elastomers - formerly Enichem Spanish - Baytown
09LSNGLFR Lone Star NGL Fractionators
09LSNGL Lone Star NGL Mont Belvieu L.P.
09LUCITE Lucite International - Beaumont
09ST_ACK Motiva - Permit Acknowledger
09ST Motiva Enterprises -formerly Star Enterprise - Port Arthur
09STS Motiva Enterprises Spanish
09NRGCW NRG Cottonwood Generating Station
09OCI OCI - Beaumont
09ONEOK ONEOK Hydrocarbons - Mont Belvieu Facilities
09SONEOK ONEOK Hydrocarbons Mont Belvieu Facilities Spanish
09OXBOW Oxbow Calcining Port Arthur Site Specific
09PRXAPA Praxair Port Arthur Site
09PK Print Pak - Orange
09RBF Renewable BioFuels
09SIT Signal International Texas - Port Arthur
09SSIT Signal International Texas Spanish - Port Arthur
09SOCT Sinclair Oil Corporation Tulsa OK Refinery
09AU Solvay Solexis - formerly Ausimont - Orange
09SHR South Hampton Resources Inc. Site Specific
09SLSNGL Spanish Lone Star NGL Mont Belvieu L.P.
09SPK Spanish Printpack Inc
09SXLNT Sunoco Logistics
09TARGA Targa Resources
09TPC Texas Petrochemicals LP Site Orientation
09TPSI Texas Polymers - Orange
09FI TOTAL Petrochemicals - formerly ATOFINA - Port Arthur
09FIV TOTAL Petrochemicals - formerly ATOFINA - Visitors Orientation - Port Arthur
0976 Unocal Beaumont Terminal - Beaumont
09VRPA Valero - Port Arthur
09SVRPA Valero - Port Arthur Spanish
09VRPAHF Valero Port Arthur Hydrofluoric Acid
09VEOPA Veolia Port Arthur Site Specific
Contractor Company Specific  
Class Code Course Description  
09CAJUN Cajun Constructors Inc
09CFS Coastal Field Services
09DEZTEX DezTex Industrial Services LLC
09DSI Dialog Services Inc.
09ECHO ECHO Maintenance
09ENG ENGlobal
09GTI Golden Triangle Industries Inc
09GC Gulf Copper Company Specific
09SGC Gulf Copper Company Specific Spanish
09HEATEX HeatEx Company Specific
09HITECH Hi-Tech Industrial Services
09IPIE Industrial Process Insulation Company Specific
09IPIS Industrial Process Insulation Supervisor
09KSPS Koch Specialty Plant Services
09EPC Modern EPC
09NEWTRON Newtron
09PATK Pat Tank Company Specific
09PFS Petrochem Field Services PFS
09RAE Richard Automation and Electric
09RDC Richard Designs & Construction Co. Orientation
09RIFE RIFE Industrial Marine Co Specific Orientation
09SCI Scallon Controls Inc
09SIGNGRP Signature Group Company Orientation
09STIS Southeast Texas Industrial Services
09TNIP Technip USA Employee Orientation
09TIS Trinity Industrial Services
09WHM WHM Custom Services
09ASB-Z Zachry Asbestos Awareness
Other Courses  
Class Code Course Description  
09ASB Asbestos
09SASB Asbestos Awareness Spanish
09BENZ Benzene
09BBP Bloodborne Pathogens
09AIRBW Bottle Watch Course
09ENQ Electrical Safety
09ELW Elevated Work
09FRME Fatigue Risk Management - Employee
09FRMS Fatigue Risk Management - Supervisor
09SFW Firewatch Spanish
09354FKB Forklift Operations
09FRMHYD Formaldehyde
09HCT Hearing Conservation
09HEXCR6 Hexavalent Chromium
09H2S Hydrogen Sulfide - H2S
09DRVSAFE Industrial Safe Driving
09LEAD Lead Awareness
09LOT Lock OutTag Out
09MI Marine Inspection
09MARSEC Maritime Security Act
09MARSECNR Maritime Security Act
09PD101 Pile Driving 101
09PSM Process Safety Management - PSM
09RCSP Recra/Spill Prevention - ExxonMobil Beaumont
09RPT Respiratory Protection
09525DRIV Safe Driving Practices
09213DRIV Safe Driving Skills
09SU Scaffold User / Inspector
09SUNR Scaffold User / Inspector
09SSU Scaffold User / Inspector Spanish
09THCA Texas Hazcom Act
09TWICES TWIC Escorting
ARSC Branded Reciprocal Courses  
Class Code Course Description  
A09BNZ ARSC Benzene Awareness
A09CSE Arsc Confined Space
A09FWA ARSC Firewatch Attendant
A09GHS ARSC Globally Harmonized Systems
A09H2S ARSC Hydrogen Sulfide
A09LOF ARSC Line of Fire
Baytown Fit Testing  
Class Code Course Description  
09R3M8233 09R3M8233 Half Mask
09RSXEL 09RSXEL Half Mask
09R36000HF 3M 6000 Series Half Mask
09R37500HF 3M 7500 Series
09R36800FF 3M Full Face
09R37800FF 3M7800 Series Full Face
09RDRGRFF Full Face Drager
09RMCOMFO MSA Comfo Classic Half Mask
09MSAUVIEW MSA Ultra View Full Face
09RMULTRA MSA Ultratwin Full Face
09RN76008A North 7600 Series Full Face
09RN7700 North 7700 Series Half Mask
09PFT Pulmonary Function Test & Medical Evaluation Questionaire
09RS6000 Scott 6600 Series Half Mask
09RSAV2000 Scott AV 2000 Series Full Face
09RSAV3000 Scott AV 3000 Series Full Face
09RS6500FF Scott O Vista Full Face
09RSORAMIC Scott Oramic Full Face
09SAT Supplied Air Training
09SA4000 Survive Air 4000 Full Face
BEST Complex Courses  
Class Code Course Description  
A09FWA ARSC Firewatch Attendant
09CPRBBP CPR First Aid Blood borne Pathogens
09SOS ExxonMobil Safety Overseer
09FG Fireguard
09MX06 MX6 iBrid Multigas Monitor
PowerSafe Courses  
Class Code Course Description  
12ENTFWP Entergy Work Area Protection
12ENTCLE PowerSafe Entergy Clearance
12ENTEPZ PowerSafe Entergy EPZ
12ENTFO PowerSafe Entergy Fossil Specific
12ENTFOS PowerSafe Entergy Fossil Specific Spanish
12ENTTD PowerSafe Entergy T & D Specific
12PSGENP PowerSafe Generation
12PSGNRP Powersafe Generation Refresher Proctored
12PSGNRPCH Powersafe Generation Refresher Proctored Coached
12PSGNPS PowerSafe Generation Spanish Proctored Orintation
12PSLINE PowerSafe Linemen Orientation
12SCGEN PowerSafe Southern Company Safety Culture
12SCGENS PowerSafe Southern Company Spanish
12PSSUB PowerSafe Substation
12TDBASE PowerSafe T & D Baseline Course
12PSBASP Powersafe T & D Baseline-Spanish
12PSREFS PowerSafe T & D Refresher- Spanish
12PSREF PowerSafe T&D Refresher
12PSVEG PowerSafe Vegetation
12PSVESP PowerSafe Vegetation-Spanish
Operator Qualification Courses  
Class Code Course Description  
09211COACH Coaching and Counseling
09352ARIL Aerial Lift
09OQABAN Abandonment of Facilities
09OQABN Recognize and React to Abnormal Operating Conditions
09OQACDC Interference - A/C and D/C
09OQANOD Installation of Anodes
09OQATMC Atmospheric Corrosion-Distribution Operations
09OQCCYL Compressor Operation - Compressor Cylinders
09OQCGI Use Care and Calibration of Combustible Gas Instrum
09OQCOAT Protective Coatings
09OQCSOS Compressor Station Operations & Safety
09OQCTHP Cathodic Protection Troubleshooting
09OQDPRV Damage Prevention Locating and Marking Pipeline
09OQELCF Fundamentals of Electricity
09OQELFS Electrofusion
09OQEMER Emergency Plans and Public Contractor Education
09OQENBL Compressor Operations - Power Cylinder Balancing
09OQEXCV Excavation Safety
09OQGAS Characteristics and Properties of Natural Gas
09OQGCNT Gas Control Operations
09OQGSPI Compressor Operation - Gas Path Integrity
09OQHOTT Hot Tapping and Stopping
09OQHRJE Job Performance Evaluations
09OQHRMP The Mentoring Process
09OQHRPS Human Performance Systems
09OQIGN Prevention of Accidental Ignition and Potential Ignition Sources
09OQINSL Electrical Insulator Inspections and Testing Casings
09OQINTC Internal Corrosion Monitoring
09OQITST Installation of Test Stations
09OQJOIN Joining Steel Pipe Other Than by Welding
09OQLEAK Leak Survey & Leak Classification
09OQLQAS LQ-Conduct Annual Surveys
09OQLQBP Below Ground Pipe Coatings & Exposed Pipe
09OQLQMP LQ:Marking Pipelines - Temporary and Permanent
09OQLQPP Pipeline Patrol
09OQLQSC Pipeline Control
09OQLQST Inspection - Aboveground Storage Tanks
09OQMECH Mechanical Fittings
09OQOAWL Oxygen Acetylene Welding and Cutting
09OQODOR Odorization
09OQPCRS Pipeline Crossing
09OQPFAIL Leak Investigation
09OQPIG Pipeline Pigging
09OQPINV Investigating Pipeline Failures
09OQPLCS Basic Electronics: PLCs
09OQPLKR Pipeline Leak Repair
09OQPLPT Population Density Change & Pipeline Patrol
09OQPLS1 Installation of Plastic Mains & Services Part 1
09OQPLS2 Installation of Plastic Mains & Services Part 2
09OQPPFS Plastic Pipe Fusion
09OQPSSR Pipe-to-Soil Surveys
09OQPTST Pressure Testing Steel & Plastic Pipelines
09OQPURG Pipeline Purging
09OQRCIP Reciprocating Compressor Units
09OQRECT Cathodic Protection - Rectifier Inspections
09OQRIT Cathodic Protection Criteria
09OQRVLV Inspecting & Testing Relief Valves Regulators
09OQSAFT Natural Gas Operations & Maintenance Safety
09OQSCDA Basic Electronics SCADA
09OQSHUT Pipeline Shutdown and Startup Planning
09OQSTLM Installation of Steel Mains & Services
09OQUPRT Up-rating Pipeline Systems
09OQVALV Valve Maintenance
09OQVOPR Valve Operators
09OQWELD Electric Arc Welding
09OQWQUL Welder Qualification
09OQWRPR Weld Repairs & Welding Procedures


Other Safety Council Programs
Class Code Course Description  
03ATI All Tech Inspection New Hire Orientation
03AW Corpus Christi Asbestos Awareness
03AXNH AXIS Industrial Services Llc
03BROCK Brock New Hire Orientation Corpus Christi
03BROCKSW Brock New Hire Spanish Corpus Christi
03BZ Corpus Christi Benzene
03CA Citgo Alky Corpus Christi
03CF Citgo Fringe Corpus Christi
03CS Corpus Christi Confined Space
03CT Citgo Site Corpus Christi
03CTCS Citgo Confined Space Corpus Christi
03CTWFX Citgo Welding Fumes Corpus Christi
03DCPFLD DCP Field Ops
03DCPGP DCP Midstream Gulf Plains
03DCPGPS DCP Gulf Plains Spanish
03DCPLG DCP Midstream La Gloria
03DCPLGS DCP La Gloria Spanish
03DP Dupont Site Corpus Christi
03ESW Equistar Site Web
03FF Flint Hills Corpus Fringe
03FS Flint Hills Site Corpus Christi
03HF Flint Hills Corpus Alky
03HS Corpus Christi H2S
03MRSEC Corpus Christi Maresec
03OI Corpus Christi Oxychem
03SC Corpus Christi Scaffold User
03VR Valero Corpus Christi
03VTRA Valero 3 Rivers Alky
03VTRA Valero 3 Rivers Alky Corpus Christi
03VTRS Valero 3 Rivers Site Corpus Christi
04DOWTSE Dow Turnaround Safety Expectation
04INFIN Infinity Group
04INFINS Infinity Orientation Spanish
04OXSITE OXEA Site Specific
05DELEK Delek Refining
05TXO Eastman Chemical Company TXO Longview Site
05TXOCS Eastman Chemical TXO Confined Space
07ASCSO Ascend Performance Materials Site Orientation
07ASHLND Ashland Site Specific Orientation
07ASUNIT Ascend Performance Materials Unit Orientation
07BPDI Diversity and Inclusion
07BPTCC BP Texas City Chemicals Site Orientation
07COPFP Conoco Phillips Ponca City Fall Protection
07COPHF Conoco Phillips Ponca City HF Acid Awareness
07COPSS Conoco Phillips Ponca City Site Specific
07EC Eastman Chemical Site-Specific Orientation
07GBR-F Galveston Bay Refinery Site-Specific
07GBRHF Galveston Bay Refinery HF Alky 3
07GBRLCS Galveston Bay Refinery Life Critical Safety
07INCB-F INEOS Chocolate Bayou Works Site Specific
07KNEL12 Koch Nitrogen Enid Level 1 and 2 Training
07KNEL3 Koch Nitrogen Enid Level 3 Training
07KNEL4 Koch Nitrogen Enid Level 4 Training
07MATRIX Matrix Service Company Specific CSTOP
07MO Texas City Marathon Site Specific
07MO-HF Marathon Hydrofluoric Acid
07MO-SC Marathon Safety Critical
07NUSTAR Nustar Energy Lp Texas City Terminal Operation
07SFE_EXT 07 Safety Test Evaluation
07STYR-F Styrolution Texas City Site Specific
07VR Valero Refining Site Specific Orientation
08BGAT BG Crane Annual Safety Training
08BGCRANE BG Crane New Employee Orientation
08BGPT B and G Crane Power Line Training
08BGST B and G Crane Signal Training
08CCC Cornerstone Chemical Company Site Specific
08CHVTSO Chevron Pascagoula Vacuum Truck Safety Orientation
08COC Chevron Oronite Company
08COCCSE Chevron Oronite Confined Space Belle Chasse LA
08COCFW Chevron Oronite Fire Watch Belle Chasse LA
08COCHAZ Chevron Ozonite Hazard Identification
08COCROV Chevron Oronite Release of Victim Training
08CP309A Chevron Oronite Authorized Electrical Person Training
08CP309Q Chevron Oronite Qualified Electrical Person Training
08CVXMS Chevron Texaco Pascagoula
08DAK DAK Site Specific - All Sites
08DOMINO Domino Sugar Site-Specific
08FIRSTC First Chemical Site Specific
08IMTT IMTT - Site Specific
08INIE Insulations Inc Orientation-English
08INIS Insulations Inc Orientation-Spanish
08MOALKY Murphy Oil Alky Unit Orientation
08MOUSA Murphy Oil Site Orientation
08SCO12 Dow SCO Olefins 1 and 2
08SCOCSA Dow SCO Confined Space Attendant
08SCOCSE Dow SCO Confined Spac Entrant
08SCOEQP Dow SCO Electrically Qualified Person
08SCOFLG Dow SCO Site Flange Makeup
08SCOFWA Dow SCO Firewatch Attendant
08SCOIES Dow SCO Isolation of Energy
08SCOISP Dow SCO Electrically Instructed Skilled Person
08SCOLNP Dow SCO Lifts Near Power Lines
08SCOOWB Dow SCO Office Worker Basic Site Orientation
08SCOOWR Dow SCO Office Worker Basic Site Orientation Refresher
08SCOSSB Dow SCO Basic Site Specific
08SCOSSR DOW SCO Basic Site Specific Orientation Refresher
08SCOSU Dow SCO Scaffold User
08SHMONS Shell/Motiva Norco Site Orientation
08SHMOTV Shell Motiva Shared Vehicle Safety Orientation
08SPSMNS Shell/Motiva Norco Site Orientation
08STOCK Stockhausen Louisiana Site-Specific
08SULREF Sulzer Field Services
08SULZER Sulzer Field Services Company Orientation
08Valero Valero St Charles Site Specific
08VALMX Valero Meraux Site Specific
08VMALKY Valero Meraux Alky Unit Orientation
10WMCCS Marathon - Confined Space Entry
10WMCELEV Marathon - Elevated Work
10WMCGSW Marathon - General Safe Work Instructions
10WMCHFA Marathon - HF ALKY
10WMCMMFA Marathon - Marine Facility Awareness
10WMCNELE Marathon - Electrical Safety for Non Electricians
10WMCOPP Marathon - Open Process Piping
10WMCSWP Marathon - Safe Work Permit
1206HNYG Honeywell Geismar Site Baton Rouge
12108AIR Air Liquide MRPL Site Orientation
1220SYNG Syngenta Inc St Gabriel La
1224DOW DOW LA Operations Plaquemine
1230FORM Formosa Plastics Orientation - Baton Rouge
1235MEX Mexichem Fluor Site Orientation
1242OCCN Baton Rouge Safety Council OxyChem Site Orientation
1246RHBR Rhodia Baton Rouge Site Orientation
12515ICC Industrial Coating Contractors Site Orientation
1261MEI Maintenance Enterprises Inc
12654SHL Shell Site Orientation Geismar La
12656PRC Placid Refinery Site Orientation
1268SHN Shintech Site Orientation - Addis and Plaquemine LA
12ALONKS Alon USA Site Orientation Krotz
12AMRSTY Americas Styrenics St. James Chemical Company Site Orientation
12APACHE Apache Employee Orientation
12APALL Air Products-ALL LA Site Specific
12APCHS Apache Employee Orientation Spanish
12ATSC Atlantic Industrial New Hire
12BASFDN BASF Geismar DNT Site Orientation
12BASFPH Phosgen Safety Baton Rouge
12BASFSU BASF Site Orientation Geismar LA
12BPBIOF BP Bio-Fuels Contractor Safety Orientation
12CAJUN Baton Rouge Safety Council Cajun Industries Orientation
12CFIND CF Industries Site Orientation
12CODUSP Combustible Dust Awareness for Coal Proctored-PRB
12CTTI Crown Enterprises New Employee Orientation
12DOWLH DOW Hydrocarbons Unit - LH Unit
12ENTFR Entergy Fossil Refresher
12EXCEL Excel Contactors Inc. New Hire Orientation
12EXMOBR ExxonMobil Site Orientation-Baton Rouge
12GGSU Georgia Gulf Site & Unit Orientation
12GROUP Group Contractors New Employee Orientation
12HCAHB1 Hydrochem Advanced Hydroblasting Part 1
12HCAHB2 Hydrochem Advanced Hydroblasting Part 2
12HCBAM Hydrochem Basic Air Machines
12HCBLAS HydroChem HydroBlasting Safety Orientation
12HCBLMT Hydrochem Hydroblasting Maintenance Orientation
12HCBLVT Hydrochem Basic Liquid Vacuum Tanker
12HCDRV Aquilex Hydrochem-Safe Driving is no Accident
12HCELD Aquilex Hydrochem DOT Entry Level Driver
12HCHAZ1 HydroChem Hazwoper 1 Orientation
12HCHAZ2 HydroChem Hazwoper 2 Orientation
12HCHAZ3 HydroChem Hazwoper 3 Orientation
12HCHOS Aquilex Hydrochem DOT Hours of Service
12HCPTVI Aquilex Hydrochem - DOT Pre Post Trip Vehicle Inspection
12HCVAC HydroChem Vacuum Safety Orientation
12HEXBAY Hexion Chemicals Baytown Site
12HUPRF Human Performance- Understanding HU
12HYNH HydroChem New Hire Orientation
12HYTORC Hytorc Principles of Safe Bolting
12IMTT IMTT Geismar Site Orientation
12ITCBR Intercontinental Terminals Company - ITC - Site Orientation
12MARAHF Marathon HF Unit Orientation
12MARLA Marathon Petroleum Site Orientation
12MARLAS Marathon Petroleum Site Orientation-Spanish
12MEISUP MEI Supervisor Training
12MOSFA Mosaic Site Orientation-Faustina
12MOSUS Mosiac Site Orientation –Uncle Sam
12MOTIVA Motiva-Convent Site and Unit Orientation
12MOTVAS Motiva Convent Site and Orientation Spanish
12PCSNIT PCS Nitrogen Site Orientation
12PERFB Performance Contractors Basic Orientation
12PERFCP Performance Contractors Comprehensive Orientation
12PETRIN Petrin New Employee Orientation
12PRAXGE Praxair Site Orientation - Geismar LA
12PSOBSP Power Safe Observer/Spotter
12PSPPG Praxair Sulphur and Westlake-PPG Site Orientation
12PSTTC PowerSafe Temporary Traffic Control
12STARCN Starcon New Employee Orientation
12STARPR Starcon Piping Requirements
12STARRS Starcon Rigging Safety
12TERRA Terra Mississippi Nitrogen Inc.
12TOTAL Total Petrochemicals Inc Baton Rouge
12USICHS USI Crane and Hand Signals
14EPBOP E & P Basic Orientation Plus
14HMTA HMT Tank Company Orientations A
14HMTASP HMT Tank Company Orientations A Spanish
14HMTB HMT Tank Company Orientations B
14HMTBSP HMT Tank Company Orientations B Spanish
14HMTC HMT Tank Company Orientations C
14HMTCSP HMT Tank Company Orientations C Spanish
14SI-M1 Saulsbury Industries Company Specific Modules
14SI-M1S Saulsbury Industries Company Specific Modules - Spanish
14SI-M2 Saulsbury Industries Company Specific Modules
14SI-M2S Saulsbury Industries Company Specific Modules - Spanish
14SI-M3 Saulsbury Industries Company Specific Modules
14SI-M3S Saulsbury Industries Company Specific Modules - Spanish
14SI-M4 Saulsbury Industries Company Specific Modules
14SI-M4S Saulsbury Industries Company Specific Modules - Spanish
14SI-M5 Saulsbury Industries Company Specific Modules
14SI-M5S Saulsbury Industries Company Specific Modules - Spanish
14SIDVD Saulsbury Industries
14SIDVDS Saulsbury Industries - Spanish
15CVPSS Chevron Phillips Borger Refinery Contractor Orientation
19ABLE Able Industrial Company Specific
19ACRYL American Acryl
19AESDW AES Deepwater Site-Specfic
19AKZOBG Akzo Nobel Battleground Road
19AKZOPC AkzoNobel Functional Chemicals Pasadena
19ALBEM Albermarle Corporation
19ALBPCV Air Liquide Bayport Complex Visitor Orientation
19ALCVO Air Liquide Channelview Visitor Orientation
19ALFASU Air Liquide Freeport ASU Orientation
19ALFHPU Air Liquide Freeport HPU Site-Specific
19ALLASU Air Liquide Longview ASU Site-Specific
19ALLPOX Air Liquide Longview POX/ASU4 Plant
19ALLPVO Air Liquide La Porte Visitor Orientation
19ALLSMR Air Liquide La Porte SMR Site Specific
19ALNASU Air Liquide Nederland ASU Plant
19ALPN Air Liquide Large Industries Port Neches
19ALSASU Air Liquide ASU Orientation - Sulphur
19ALSWP Air Liquide Large Industries Safe Work Permit and Pre-Job Planning
19ALTAIR Altair Strickland
19ALVASU Air Liquide Victoria ASU Site-Specific
19ANLNHO A & L Industrial Services Employee Orientation
19APBASU Air Products Baytown Air Separation Unit
19APBSYN Air Products Baytown SYNGAS
19APLASU Air Products and Chemicals Inc
19APLHYC Air Products LA Porte HyCo Satellites
19APPC Air Products- Pasadena Plant Site
19APPH Air Products Pasadena Hydrogen
19ARKCIW Arkema Clear Lake Operations Contractor Industrial Worker
19ARKCLO Arkema Clear Lake Operations Site Specific
19ARKDR Arkema Clear Lake Operations Driver
19ARKEIP Arkema Clear Lake Operations Instructed Electrical Worker Exam
19ARKESP Arkema Clear Lake Operations Skilled Electrical Worker Exam
19ARKHAZ Arkema Clear Lake Operations Hazcom and Process Overview
19ARKIOE Arkema Clear Lake Operations Isolation of Energy
19ASBOIL Altair Strickland Boilermaker
19ASCS Altair Strickland Confined Space
19ASFIRE Altair Strickland Fire Watch
19ASFORE Altair Strickland Foreman
19ASFORK Altair Strickland forklift
19ASHELP Altair Strickland Helper
19ASIIPP AltairStrickland Injury Illness Prevention Program
19ASLAB Altair Strickland Laborers
19ASPIPE Altair Strickland Pipefitter
19ASPROS AltairStrickland Safety Professional
19ASRIG Altair Strickland Rigging
19ASSWP AltairStrickland Safety Training
19BASELB Basell Polyolefins B
19BAY Styrolution American LLC Bayport Site Specific
19BHIHSP Baker Hughes Inc. Houston Specialty Products HSP Site-Specific
19BMCD Burns and McDonnell ONEOK Company Specific
19BMCDS Burns & McDonnell/ONEOK Spanish Company Specific
19BPWL BP Westlake Property Management
19BPWLS BP WestLake Property Management - Spanish
19BRINS Brock Insulator Knowledge Check
19BRPAIN Brock Paint Knowledge Check
19BRSCA Brock Scaffold Knowledge Check
19CANATX Cana-Tex
19CITGOL Citgo Lemont Refinery
19CLPCO Celanese Clear Lake Contractor Orientation
19CLPSWP Celanese Clear Lake Plant Safe Work Permit
19CPCL1 Chevron Phillips Pasadena Plastics Level 1
19CPCL2 Chevron Phillips Pasadena Plastics Level 2
19CPRUSA Critical Path Resources New Hire Orientation
19CRARIG Shell DP Crafts Personnel HASC
19CRG CRG New Hire Orientation
19CSL Cat Spec LTD
19CVO Lyondell Basell Industries –Channelview Complex
19DGCP Dow Gulf Coast Pipeline Site Specific - Freeport
19DOWCIW Dow Contractors Industrial Workers HASC
19DOWDR Dow Driver HASC
19DOWIOE Dow Isolation of Energy HASC
19DOWSS Dow Site Specific
19DSG Debusk Services Group Company Specific
19DSGSUP Debusk Services Group LLC Supervisor Training
19EGNH Evergreen Industrial Services
19EMJOL ExxonMobil Joliet Refinery
19EMSSWP Exxon Mobil Short Service Worker
19EMTR ExxonMobil Torrance Refinery Contractor
19EPC Elite Piping and Civil
19EQCST Lyondell Basell Matagorda Confined Space
19EQLTT Lyondell Basell Matagorda Lock, Tag, and Try
19EQUCBF Equistar - Chocolate Bayou Complex
19EQULPO Equistar - LaPorte Complex
19EQUMTO Equistar Matagorda Site Specific
19EQUPL Equistar Pipeline
19EQUVTO LydondellBasell Victoria
19ETHYL Ethyl Corporation Pasadena Plant Site Specific
19ETS Elite Turnaround Specialists General Safety & Health Orientation Refresher
19EVAL Kuraray America - EVAL Site Specific
19EXCLC1 Excel Modular Scaffold Carpenter I Orientation
19EXCLC2 Excel Modular Scaffold Carpenter 2 Orientation
19EXCLH1 Excel Modular Scaffold Helper I Orientation
19EXCLH2 Excel Modular Scaffold Helper II Orientation
19EXPRPL Explorer Pipeline
19FINACR Atofina Chemicals - Crosby Plant
19FINAHO Arkema Houston - formerly ATOFINA Houston
19FLAGGR Dow Flagger HASC
19FMC FMC Corporation
19FORCE Force Specialty Services Inc. Company Specific
19FSA Facility Security Awareness
19GALLUP Western Refining-Gallup Refinery Site Specific
19GEOGLF Georgia Gulf Pasadena Plant
19HEORIG Shell DP Crane Operators and Riggers
19HEXDP Hexion Deer Park Plant
19HMMECH H&M Mechanical Constructors Inc Safety Training Orientation Company Specific
19HUNTCD Huntsman Conroe & Dayton Site
19HUNTIT Huntsman Conroe and Dayton IT Security
19HVNSAC Hovensa Refinery Contractor Orientation
19HVNSAV Hovensa Refinery Visitors Orientation
19IISG Inland Industrial Services Group
19INBMC INEOS Battleground Manufacturing Complex
19INTRAN Intertek Annual Training
19INTRNH Intertek New Hire Orientation
19INTRSL Safety Leadership
19INVSTA Invista- La porte
19ITC Intercontinental Terminals Company
19ITCBD Intercontinental Terminals Company 1 3 Butadiene
19ITCBZ Intercontinental Terminals Company Benzene Awareness
19JFSNA Jacobs Field Services North America Inc Company Specific
19JFSNAR Jacobs Field Services North American
19JVI JV Industrial Companies
19JVVCRV JV Virgin Islands Hexavalent Chromium
19JVVFLB JV Virgin Islands Flange / First Line Break
19JVVHS JV Virgin Islands Hand Safety
19JVVIR JV Virgin Islands Company Specific Orientation
19JVVLK JV Virgin Islands Hydrostatic / Pneumatic Leak Testing
19JVVSCF JV Virgin Islands Scaffold Erectors / Dismantlers
19JVVTRQ JV Virgin Islands Safely Use Torque Tools
19KANEKA Kaneka Texas
19KMGULF Kinder Morgan Site Specific
19LAUSAX LAURENSAXON HSE Orientation Company Specific
19LGLPRT Linde Gas La Porte Site Specific
19LHR Lyondell Houston Refining Site Specific
19LYOBCO LyondellBasell Bayport Chemical Underwood
19LYOBLO LyondellBasell Bayport Choate Facility
19LZ Lubrizol Bayport & Deer Park
19MEMCP MEMC Pasadena Site Specific
19MOBLES Mobley Industrial Services Spanish
19MOBLEY Mobley Industrial Services HASC
19MTXBMB Basic Boilermaker Assessment
19MTXPFB Basic Pipefitter Assessment
19MTXREF Matrix Cstop Refresher
19NCTI JX Nippon Chemical Texas Site Specific
19NOVA Nova Chemicals
19NTEMN NTE Site Specific
19NTEMNF NTE Firewatch/Outside Attendant Awareness
19ODFJEL ODFJELL Terminals-Houston Terminal LP
19OIS Ohmstede Industrial Svcs
19OISJSA Ohmstede Industrial Services Hazard Awareness and JSA Training
19OISVNH Veolia Environmental Services
19OTB Oiltanking Beaumont
19OTH Oiltanking Houston
19OTPN Oiltanking Port Neches
19OXYGEN OxyChem General Procedures
19OXYKEY OxyChem Key Procedures
19P2S P2S-Plant Performance Services
19P66F Phillips 66 Ferndale Site Specific
19P66FHF Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery Hydrofluoric Acid
19PLPHOU PL Propylene Houston Plant Site-Specific
19PRFORM Performance Contractors Inc Contractor Safety Training
19PRSI Pasadena Refining System Inc.
19PSC PSC Company Specific
19PSCVHG PSC Vacuum Truck and Hydroblasting Guidelines
19PSCVHO PSC Vacuum Truck and Hydroblasting Operator
19PTCE Pasadena Tank - English
19PTCS Pasadena Tank - Spanish
19PTCSUP Pasadena Tank
19REFCON Refractory Construction Services Company Specific
19RHDEW Rhodia Elevated Work HASC
19RHHOU Rohm and Haas-DP BP and LoneStar
19RWRWP RailWorks Track Systems-Texas Inc
19SCDPPO Shell Deer Park Chemical Plant Process Overview
19SDPTAO Shell Deer Park Turnaround Orientation
19SFWY Safway New Hire Orientation Annual Refresher
19SFWYD Safway Driver 101
19SGS SGS Petroleum Service
19SGSRL SGS - Rules for Life
19SHELLP Shell Permitting Process
19SHELLT Shell Deer Park
19SHEPSR Shell Puget Sound Refinery Contractor Orientation
19SIPI Stronghold Inspection
19SLPNP Braskem La Porte NON-PSM Contractor
19SLPPSM Braskem La Porte PSM Contractor
19SLVYB Solvay USA Baytown Site-Specific
19SRCCPO Shell Deer Park Process Overview Catalytic Cracking
19SRHPPO Shell Deer Park Refining Process Overview Hydroprocessing Sulphur Recovery
19SRLUPO Shell Deer Park Refining Process Overview Utilities and Logistics
19SRWOPO Shell Deer Park Process Overview West Operations
19STOLT Stolthaven Houston Inc
19STS Specialty Tank Services
19SULTUR Sulzer Turbo Services
19SULZER Sulzer Chemical USA
19SUNCOR Suncor Energy Commerce City Refinery
19SUNLPV Braskem La Porte Visitor
19SYNGB Syngenta Greens Bayou Plant Site Specific
19THORPE Thorpe Corporation
19THTS Thermon Heat Tracing Services Company Specific
19TKA Turnkey Automation
19TOTBP TOTAL Bayport Site-specific
19TOTLP Total Petrochemicals-La Porte
19TRACER Tracer Industries
19TRACRS Tracer Industries-Spanish
19TRATEC Tray Tec INC Company Specific
19TSOAN2 Tesoro Anacortes - Category 2
19TSOANA Tesoro Anacortes Site Specific
19TSOGE Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery Site Specific
19TSOSLC Tesoro Refining and Marketing-Salt Lake City Refinery
19TWS Turnaround Welding Services
19VALERO Valero
19VES Veolia ES Industrial Services Company Specific
19VESCC Veolia ES Industrial Services Chemical Cleaning
19VESHB Veolia ES Industrial Services Hydroblasting Safety New Hire Orientation
19VESHBR Veolia ES Industrial SErvices hydroblasting Safety Refresher
19VESVAC Veolia ES Industrial Services Vacuum Safety New Hire Orientation
19VESVSR Veolia ES Industrial SErvices Vacuum Safety Refresher
19VOPAK Vopak Site-Specific
19WREF Western Refining El Paso
19WSPHR Wyatt Signal Person Hand Radio
19WVIJHA Wyatt Virgin Islands Inc JHA Company Specific
19WYAHND Wyatt Field Service Company-Hand Safety
19WYAJHA Wyatt Field Service Company - JHA
19WYATST Wyatt Supervisor Training
19WYATT Wyatt Field Service
19WYATVI Wyatt Virgin Islands
19ZAMPEL Zampell Company Specific Orientation
20BP02 BP Amoco Contractor Site Orientation
20BP03 BP Security Procedures
20BP04 BP ISO 14001
20BP05 BP Environmental
20BP06A BP Annual Compliance Training Orientation A
20BP06B BP Annual Compliance Training Orientation B
20BP06C BP Annual Compliance Training Orientation C
20HFA01 Hydrofluoric Acid Awareness
20LUC01 Lucite Site Orientation
20LUC02 Lucite Line of Fire Orientation
20VLE01 Valero Site Tennessee Valley
20VLE02 Valero Lockout Tagout Tennessee Valley
20VLE03 Valero Confined Space Tennessee Valley
20VLE04 Valero Bundle Pad Operations
20VLE04 Valero Bundle Pad Operations Tennessee Valley
20VLE05 Valero LDAR Awareness Tennessee Valley
20VLE06 Valero RCRA Tennessee Valley
20VLE07 Valero VPP Training
260KBHSS Baker Hughes Sand Springs Orientation
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