Distance Learning

Course ID Course Name
09205SUB 205SUB Creating an Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace
09208ANGER 208ANGER Anger Management – Managing Your Anger
09211COACH 211COACH Coaching and Counseling
09213DRIV 213DRIVE Safe Driving Skills
09217ETHIC 217SOX Sarbanes Oxley Act – Ethics Awareness
09352ARIL 352AERIAL Aerial Lift
09354FKB 354FLBAS Forklift Operations
09525DRIV 525DRIVE Safe Driving Practices
0970FSACT 760FSACT Port Facility Security Actions
09749SEC 749SEC Port Facility Security Awareness
09751THRE 751THREAT Threats to Maritime Security
09754MSAF 754MTSAF MTSA for Facilities
09755MTSA 755MTSA MTSA for Certain Dangerous Cargo
09758SPI 758SPI Ship Port/Interface Security
09760FSPD 765FSPD Port Facility Security Plan Development
09774DET 774DET Weapons and Dangerous Substances
09777RECO 777RECOG Recognizing Persons Posing Risks
09778CIRC 778CIRC Circumventing Security Measures
09782DRUG 782DRUG Drug and Alcohol Awareness for Supervisors
09833LADRS 833LADRS Ladder Safety
09BENZ Benzene Web
09CSW Confined Space Web
09H2S Hydrogen Sulfide – H2S Web
09OQABAN 414ABAN Abandonment of Facilities
09OQACDC 508ACDC Interference AC and DC
09OQANOD 415ANODE Installation of Anodes
09OQAO 1012AO Abnormal Operations
09OQAOC 1010AOC Abnormal Operating Conditions Recognize and React
09OQATMC 500ATMCO Atmospheric Corrosion-Distribution Operations
09OQBALL 4012BALL Ball Valve Maintenance
09OQCCYL 704COCYL Compressor Operation – Compressor Cylinders
09OQCGI 105CGI CGIs and Flame Ionization Units
09OQCOAT 503COAT Protective Coatings
09OQCOMP 7000COMP Compressor Station Operations and Safety
09OQCONT 4022CONT Inspecting and Testing Control Valves
09OQCONTS 853CONT Contractor Safety
09OQCTHP 501CATHP Cathodic Protection Troubleshooting
09OQDAMP 3000DAMP Damage Prevention
09OQDIV 204DIVERSE Diversity in the Workplace
09OQELCF 900ELECF Fundamentals of Electricity
09OQELFS 405ELFUS Electrofusion
09OQEMER 102EMERG Emergency Plans and Public Contractor Education
09OQENBL 706ENBAL Compressor Operations – Power Cylinder Balancing
09OQEXCV 106EXCAV Excavation Safety
09OQGAS 103GAS Characteristics and Properties of Natural Gas
09OQGATE 4013GATE Gate Valve Maintenance
09OQGCNT 800GCONTROL Gas Control Operations
09OQGENV 4010GENV General Valve Maintenance
09OQGSPI 705GASPI Compressor Operation – Gas Path Integrity
09OQGWS 4090GWS Pipeline Leak Repair Grinding Welding and Sleeving
09OQHRJE HR1002 Job Performance Evaluations
09OQHTAP 4120HTAP Hot Tapping
09OQIGN 100ACCIG Prevention of Accidental Ignition and Potential Ignition Sources
09OQINSL 506INSUL Electrical Insulator Inspections and Testing Casings
09OQINTC 507INTCO Internal Corrosion Monitoring
09OQITST 504TEST Installation of Test Stations
09OQJOIN 407JOIN Joining Steel Pipe Other Than by Welding
09OQLEAK 200LEAK Leak Survey and Leak Classification
09OQLOC 3001LOC Locating and Marking Buried Pipelines
09OQLQAS LQ416 Conduct Annual Surveys
09OQLQBP LQ400 Below Ground Pipe Coatings & Exposed Pipe
09OQLQMP LQ300 Marking Pipelines – Temporary and Permanent
09OQLQPP LQ201 Pipeline Patrol
09OQLQSC LQ800 Pipeline Control
09OQLQST LQ1102 Inspection – Aboveground Storage Tanks
09OQMECH 406MECH Mechanical Fittings
09OQOAWL 604OWELD Oxygen Acetylene Welding and Cutting
09OQODOR 202ODOR Odorization
09OQPCRS 205PCROS Pipeline Crossing
09OQPFAIL 206PFAIL Leak and Pipeline Failure Investigation
09OQPIG 107PIG Pipeline Pigging
09OQPINV 207PINVT Investigating Pipeline Failures
09OQPLAS 4031PLAS Pressure Testing Plastic Pipelines
09OQPLCS 901PLC Basic Electronics: PLCs
09OQPLD 4020PLD Inspecting and Testing Pressure Limiting Devices
09OQPLPT 201PLPTR Population Density Change and Pipeline Patrol
09OQPLS1 417PLAST Installation of Plastic Mains & Services Part 1
09OQPLS2 418PLAST Installation of Plastic Mains & Services Part 2
09OQPLUG 4011PLUG Plug Valve Maintenance
09OQPPFS 404PPFUS Plastic Pipe Fusion
09OQPRCOM 4091COMP Pipeline Repair Composites
09OQPRES 4030PRES Pressure Testing Steel Pipelines – Gas
09OQPURG 411PURGE Pipeline Purging with Air and Gas
09OQRCIP 701RECIP Reciprocating Compressor Units
09OQRECT 502RECT Cathodic Protection – Rectifier Inspections
09OQREG 4021REG Inspecting and Testing Regulators
09OQRIT 505CRIT Cathodic Protection Criteria
09OQSAFE 1011SAFE Abnormal Operations and Safety Related Conditions
09OQSAFT 419SAFET Natural Gas Operations & Maintenance Safety
09OQSCDA 902SCADA Basic Electronics SCADA
09OQSHUT 416SHUT Pipeline Shutdown and Startup Planning
09OQSTES 5090STES Structure to Electrolyte Surveys
09OQSTLM 420STEEL Installation of Steel Mains & Services
09OQSTOP 4121STOP Line Stopping
09OQUPRT 413UPRAT Up-rating Pipeline Systems
09OQVOPR 400VOPER Valve Operators
09OQWELD 600WELD Electric Arc Welding
09OQWQUL 601WQUAL Welder Qualification
09OQWRPR 602WREPR Weld Repairs & Welding Procedures

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