Custom Training Course Development

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ISTC is proud to offer custom Computer Based Training and/or Company Specific Orientations; a service that will ultimately save you money, time, and manpower. If you are interested in having ISTC create a custom course for your company, please contact

Thank you for giving ISTC the opportunity to exceed your training needs! We want to provide you with a top-quality product that you’re 100% satisfied with. We’ve created a list of “minimum requirements” to help us serve you in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Minimum Requirements for CBT Deliverables

  1. Written documentation of the desired content (Required): This documentation should contain all relevant and necessary information for the completion of a CBT orientation. The documentation should be presented to ISTC in an “electronic” format. Examples of this could include a Microsoft Word document, text written in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, or any electronic document compatible with Microsoft Office programs. If the documentation is in a format other than those previously listed, please ask ISTC if they will be capable of using it. Written documentation is the primary, preferred method of delivering content to ISTC for CBT development.
  2. Images, graphics, logos, etc. (Optional but Preferred): The preferred file format for any image, graphic, or logo is the JPG or PNG format. If such a file is in a format other than JPG or PNG, please ask ISTC if they will be capable of using it. ISTC prefers these types of files to be of as high resolution as possible, as scaling images *down* in size is preferable to scaling them *up* in size (scaling up can significantly reduce image quality). If a specific person, place, thing, etc. is expected to appear in the CBT, please provide ISTC with the image and label it appropriately (for example: references to specific pieces of equipment, areas of a plant, etc).
  3. Video (Optional): ISTC has the ability to use digital video in our CBT courses. File format can be any of the “standard” digital video formats (AVI, MOV, FLV, MPG, MP4, WMV, etc.). As with images, we prefer these files to be of as high quality and resolution as possible. Long length video may need to be segmented for optimized performance during viewing. For all video, a written transcription of the dialogue is required.
  4. Audio (Optional): ISTC usually provides professional narration for our CBT courses. However, if you want or need to submit audio (such as a specific alarm sound), the preferred format for submitting audio is MP3 or WAV. If the audio is in a format other than MP3 or WAV, please ask ISTC if they will be capable of using it. Please note that the sound quality of the file you submit is critical to the sound of the “final product. “
  5. Test Questions (Optional): If you choose to submit test questions, ISTC prefers that the majority of the questions be of the “multiple choice” question type with at least 4 possible answers. The questions presented need to be directly referenced by the provided documentation. In other words, students must be presented information (during the course of the CBT) that they will be asked questions about. Additionally, the possible answers (distractors) such as “all the above” and “Both A & C” are unable to be used. This is due to computer position randomization of the possible answers each time the question is viewed.

In Summary

  • Written Documentation (Required): “Electronic” document in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Office compatible.
  • Images, graphics, logos, etc. (Optional but Preferred): JPG or PNG format. High resolution desired.
  • Video (Optional): Digital video (AVI, MPG, etc.) can be used. High quality desired. Written transcript required.
  • Audio (Optional): MP3 or WAV format. Sound quality of the provided file is important!
  • Test Questions (Optional): Multiple Choice type with at least 4 possible answers. Need to directly reference provided documentation.