Other Safety Council Program

Course ID Course Name
03AW Corpus Christi Asbestos Awareness
03AW Corpus Christi Asbestos Awareness
03BSTGT Buckeye South Texas Gateway Terminal
03BTP Buckeye Texas Processing
03BZ Corpus Christi Benzene
03CA Citgo Alky
03CF Citgo Fringe Corpus Christi
03CHEN Cheniere Site Web
03CO Chemours site Corpus Christi Plant
03CS Confined Space Entrant and Attendant
03CT Citgo Site Corpus Christi
03CTCS Citgo Confined Space Corpus Christi
03DCPFLD DCP Field Ops
03DCPGP DCP Midstream Gulf Plains
03FF Flint Hills Corpus Fringe
03FL Flint Hills Safety Lead
03FS Flint Hills Site Corpus Christi
03HF Flint Hills Corpus Alky
03HS Corpus Christi H2S
03MRSEC Corpus Christi Maresec
03OI Oxy chem Ingleside Web
03SC Corpus Christi Scaffold User
03SSSAB Safe Secure Stay at Buckeye
03VTRA Valero 3 Rivers Alky Corpus Christi
03VTRS Valero 3 Rivers Site Corpus Christi
04BASF01 BASF Level 1 BASF Site Orientation
04BASF02 BASF Level 2 BASF Freeport Process Area Worker Training
04BASFDR BASF Driver – BASF Freeport – On-site Driver Training
04DOWCIW Dow Industrial Worker
04DOWGCP Dow Gulf Coast Pipeline
04DOWIOE Dow Isolation of Energy
04DOWOCH Dow Oyster Creek Hydrocarbons Indoctrination
04DOWRSS Dow Chemical Regional Site Safety (Freeport)
04DOWSPO Dow Site Pipeline Orientation
04DOWVDP Dow Vehicle Driving
04DSM DSM Nutritional
04EIP Dow Electrical Instructed Person
04ELECT Dow General Electric Non-Lineman
04ESP Dow Electrical Skilled Person
04ESPL Dow Electrical Skilled Person Plus Energized Powerline Work
04EWP-01 Basic Electrical Safety
04EWP-10 Basic Electrical Safety for Industrial Workers
04EWP-13 Elevated Equipment Near Pwr Line
04EWP-20 Normal and Transitional Electrical Switching
04EWP-21 Electrical Arc Flash Hazards
04EWP-22 PPE for Shock Hazard
04EWP-30 Energized Electrical Work
04EWP-31 Electrical Testing
04EWP-32 Voltage Rated Test Tools and Equipment
04EWP-33 Grounding for Personal Protection
04EWP-34 Electric Power Transmission and Distribution – T&D – Work Safety
04FKL Forklift CBT
04FLANGE Dow Flange
04HUNTFP Huntsman Freeport
04HUNTQM Huntsman Freeport ISO 9001
04LINE Dow General Electric-Lineman
04MEGIOE MEGlobal Isolation of Energy Sources
04MEGLCS MEGlobal Life Critical Standards
04MEGSS MEGlobal Oyster Creek Site Specific Training
04MEGSWP MEGlobal Safe Work Permit Receiver Procedures
04OLINAR Olin At-Risk Test
04OLINTA Olin Freeport Turnaround Safety Expectation
04OLNCIW Olin Freeport Contractor Industrial Worker
04OLNHW Olin Freeport Hot Work
04OLNIOE Olin Freeport Isolation of Energy
04OLNMH Olin Freeport Mobile Hoisting
04OLNSWP Olin Freeport Safe Work Permit Receiver
04PHM1 Phillips 66 Level 1
04PHM2 Phillips 66 Level 2
04RIGGER Rigger Orientation
04SC1 Scaffold User
04SHIN Shintech Site Specific Orientation
04SIGBT SI Group Baytown Site Specific
04SIGFP SI Group Site Specific
04SPTFLG Spotter/ Flagger for Vehicle and Heavy Equipment
04VENHDI Vencorex Site Specific HDI
04VENXSS Vencorex Site Specific
05DELEK Delek Tyler Refinery Contractor Orientation
05TSAE J. T. Thorpe Silica Awareness Training
05TSCPE J. T. Thorpe Silica Competent Person Training
05TXO Eastman Chemical Company TXO Longview Site
05TXOCS Eastman Chemical TXO Confined Space
06INVVTX Invista Victoria Site Specific
07ASHLND Ashland Site Specific Orientation
07DWTCFA Dow TCO OXO Food and Animal Feed Overview Training
07EC Eastman Chemical Site Specific Orientation
07INCBIO INEOS Oligomers – CP Site
07INOCB INEOS Oligomers Chocolate Bayou Site Specific
07NUSTAR NuStar LP Texas City Site Specific
07SFE_EXT 07 Safety Test Evaluation
07STYR-F Styrolution Texas City Site Specific
07TISSGB TISS Galveston Bay Complex Training
07TISSQM Total Industrial Services Specialties Quality Management System
07TISSSD TISS Silica Dust Program
07VR Valero Texas City Refinery Site Specific
08APFCST Apache Fireproofing Safety Orientation
08APICST Apache Insulation Safety Orientation
08APRCST Apache Refractory Safety Orientation
08APSA Apache Skills Assessment
08APSCST Apache Scaffolding Craft Safety Training
08ASICP Apache Silica Training for Competent Persons
08ASIWT Apache Silica Training for Operations Level Workers
08BGFT BG Crane Forklift Training
08CCC Cornerstone Chemical Company Site Specific
08CCCPI Cornerstone Chemical Company Permit Initiator
08CHALM Chalmette Refining Site Specific
08COCCSE Chevron Oronite Confined Space Entry
08COCFW Chevron Oronite Fire Watch
08COCROV Chevron Oronite Release of Victim Training
08CP309A Chevron Oronite Authorized Electrical Person Training
08CP309Q Chevron Oronite Qualified Electrical Person Training
08FIRSTC First Chemical Site Specific
08GALATA Galata Chemicals Taft Plant
08GSHAC Grace SHAC Catalyst Site Specific
08IIE Insulations Incorporated Company Orientation English
08IIS Insulations LLC Company Orientation Spanish
08IMTT IMTT – Site Specific
08MAR-S Marathon Site Specific Orientation – Spanish
08MARH-S Marathon HF Unit Orientation – Spanish
08MOALKY Murphy Oil Alky Unit Orientation
08MOUSA Murphy Oil Site Orientation
08PPOLY Pinnacle Polymers Site Specific
08SAPSA Apache Skills Assessment Spanish
08SAPSC Apache Scaffolding Craft Safety Training Spanish
08SCOCSA Dow SCO Confined Space Attendant
08SCOCSE Dow SCO Confined Space Entrant
08SCOFLG Dow SCO Site Flange Makeup
08SCOFWA Dow SCO Fire Watch Attendant
08SCOIES Dow SCO Isolation of Energy Sources
08SCOISP Dow SCO Electrically Instructed Skilled Person
08SCOLNP Dow SCO Lifts Near Power Lines
08SCOSSB Dow SCO Basic Site Specific Orientation
08SCOSU Dow SCO Scaffold User
08STOCK Stockhausen Louisiana Site-Specific
08SULREF Sulzer Field Services
08SULZER Sulzer Field Services Company Orientation
08Valero Valero St Charles Site Specific
08VALMX Valero Meraux Site Specific
09EBCHEM DOW Beaumont External Background Site Specific
09EBDOWBMT Dow Beaumont Aniline Unit External Background Site Specific
09MORIGV ExxonMobil Beaumont Rigging Verification Station
10WMCCS Marathon – Confined Space Entry
10WMCGSWI Marathon – General Safe Work Instructions
10WMCGWP Groundwater Protection Plan
10WMCMMFA Marathon – Marine Facility Awareness
10WMCNELEC Marathon – Electrical Safety for Non Electricians
10WMCOPP Marathon – Open Process Piping
10WMCRC Marathon Responsible Care
10WMCRSV Marathon Refining Safety Video
10WMCSWP Marathon – Safe Work Permit
1206HNYG Honeywell Geismar Site Baton Rouge
1207HNYB Honeywell Baton Rouge Site Orientation
12108AIR Air Liquide America LP Geismar LA
1220SYNG Syngenta Inc St Gabriel La
1224DOW Dow LA Operations Site Indoctrination for Third Parties
1230FORM Formosa Plastics Orientation – Baton Rouge
1235MEX Mexichem Fluor Site Orientation
1242OCCN OxyChem Occidental Site Orientation Convent LA
1261MEI Maintenance Enterprises Inc
12654SHL Shell Site Orientation Geismar La
12656PRC Placid Refinery Site Orientation
1268shn Shintech Site Orientation – Addis and Plaquemine LA
1289GVC Westlake Vinyls Orientation
12ALGMP Air Liquide GMP and Food Safety
12ALONKS Alon USA Site Orientation Krotz
12AMRSTY Americas Styrenics St. James Chemical Company Site Orientation
12APACHE Apache Employee Orientation
12APCHS Apache Employee Orientation Spanish
12APCO Apache Industrial Coatings Orientation
12APCOS Apache Industrial Coatings Orientation Spanish
12APEGC Air Products East Gulf Coast
12APWSMR Air Products Westlake SMR Site Orientation
12BMSSO Boardwalk Lousiana Midstream LLC Site Orientation
12BPBIOF BP Bio-Fuels Contractor Safety Orientation
12BRNRT Brown and Root Employee Orientation
12BSFDNV BASF North Geismar (formerly DNT) Site Safety Orientation
12CBIMC CBI New Employee Orientation
12CFIND CF Industries Site Orientation
12CRIT Shell Catalysts and Technologies Site Orientation Port Allen LA
12DKDOP Duke Energy Dropped Object Prevention
12DKHLIS Duke Energy Hazardous Locations and Intrinsically Safe Equipment
12DKHLS Duke Energy Hazardous Locations and Intrinsically Safe Equipment Spanish
12DKHP Duke Energy Human Performance HP Overview
12DKLTO PowerSafe Duke Energy Lockout Tagout
12DOWCOM Dow Louisiana Operations Comprehensive Course
12DOWLH DOW Hydrocarbons Unit – LH Unit
12EMPSC Empire Scaffold New Employee Orientation
12ENPPA Enterprise Products Port Allen Facility
12ENPPX Enterprise Products Promix Facility
12ENT96 Entergy Ninemile 6 Site Specific Orientation
12ENTAS PowerSafe Active Shooter
12ENTBP Enterprise Products – Burns Point Facility
12ENTCS PowerSafe Entergy Power Gen Confined Space Attendant
12ENTCSE PowerSafe Entergy Power Gen Confined Space Entrant
12ENTCSO PowerSafe Entergy Power Gen Confined Space Overview
12ENTCSS Entergy Power Gen Confined Space Entry Supervisor
12ENTFP PowerSafe Entergy Fossil Fall Protection
12ENTGER Entergy Gerald Andrus Site Orientation
12ENTMAL PowerSafe Entergy Maintenance Alteration Log Process
12ENTNC Enterprise Products Norco Facility
12ENTNT Enterprise Products – North Terrebonne Facility
12ENTPG Enterprise Products – Pascagoula Facility
12ENTPSP Entergy PSP Visitor Control Program
12ENTSR Enterprise Products Sea Robin Facility
12ENTTB Enterprise Products Tebone Facility
12ENTTC Enterprise Products Toca Facility
12ENTTCS PowerSafe Entergy T and D Confined Space
12ENTTOL Entergy Toledo Bend Site Orientation
12ENTWGH PowerSafe Entergy Welding Grinding and Hot Work
12EXCEL Excel Contactors Inc. New Hire Orientation
12EXMOBR ExxonMobil Site Orientation – Baton Rouge
12GROUP Group Contractors New Employee Orientation
12HCAHB1 Hydrochem Advanced Hydroblasting Part 1
12HCAHB2 Hydrochem Advanced Hydroblasting Part 2
12HCBAM Hydrochem Basic Air Machines
12HCBLAS HydroChem HydroBlasting Safety Orientation
12HCBLMT Hydrochem Hydroblasting Maintenance Orientation
12HCBLVT Hydrochem Basic Liquid Vacuum Tanker
12HCHAZ1 HydroChem Hazwoper 1 Orientation
12HCHAZ2 HydroChem Hazwoper 2 Orientation
12HCHAZ3 HydroChem Hazwoper 3 Orientation
12HCHOS Aquilex Hydrochem DOT Hours of Service
12HCPCN Hydrochem Pipe Cleaning
12HCPTVI Aquilex Hydrochem – DOT Pre Post Trip Vehicle Inspection
12HCSFCN Hydrochem Surface Cleaning
12HCSGI Hydrochem PSC General Industry
12HCTBCN Hydrochem Tube Cleaning
12HCVAC HydroChem Vacuum Safety Orientation
12HEXBAY Hexion Chemicals Baytown Site
12HNYBP Honeywell Baton Rouge Permit Orientation
12HUPRF Human Performance- Understanding HU
12HYTORC Hytorc Principles of Safe Bolting
12IMTT IMTT Geismar Site Orientation
12INEOSA INEOS Oxide – ALL Contractor Orientation
12INEOSF INEOS Oxide – FIELD Contractor Orientation
12ISCNEO ISC Constructors New Employee Orientation
12ITCBR Intercontinental Terminals Company – ITC – Site Orientation
12LIONGE Lion Copolymer Geismar Site Orientation (Crompton)
12MARIRD Marathon Illinois Refining Division Safety Orientation
12MEISUP MEI Supervisor Training
12MOSLA Mosaic Louisiana Site Orientation
12MTHNX Methanex Site Orientation
12OFSIVT Optimal Field Services IVT Training
12OFSNEO Optimal Field Services New Employee Orientation
12OFSPIP Optimal Field Services Pipefitter Electronic Exam
12OXYGE Occidental Site Orientation – Geismar LA
12PCSNIT Nutrien Geismar Site Orientation
12PERFB Performance Contractors Basic Orientation
12PERFB-T Performance Contractors Basic Orientation
12PERFCP Performance Contractors Comprehensive Orientation
12PERFCS Performance Contractors Spanish Orientation
12PETRIN Petrin New Employee Orientation
12PRAXGE Praxair Site Orientation – Geismar LA
12PSCNEO PSC New Employee Orientation
12PSTTC Powersafe Temporary Traffic Control
12REGG REG Geismar Orientation
12SAFHZ1 HAZWOPER First Responder Awareness
12SGSPSM SGS Petroleum Service Marine Orientation
12SHVCM Shintech VCM Unit Orientation
12SRES SRES Orientation
12SRPCA Skills Assessment
12STARCN Starcon New Employee Orientation
12STARPR Starcon Piping Requirements
12STARRS Starcon Qualified Rigger Signal Person Orientation
12STEXCH Starcon Exchanger Electronic Exam
12STINSU Starcon Insulator Electronic Exam
12STMWEE Starcon Millwright Electronic Exam
12STOWER Starcon Tray and Tower Electronic Exam
12STPFT Starcon Pipefitter Electronic Exam
12STPMM Starcon ECI Project Master Mechanic Electronic Exam
12STQRG Starcon Qualified Rigger Electronic Exam
12STSCAF Starcon Scaffolding Electronic Exam
12SWAT Specialty Welding and Turnaround (SWAT) Employee Orientation
12TAMES Taminco Electrical Safety
12TERRA Terra Mississippi Nitrogen Inc.
12TOTAL Total Petrochemicals Inc Baton Rouge
12ULCSHL UCLS/Highlines Employee Orientation
12ULCSPC ULCS Protective Cover
12UOPBR UOP Honeywell Baton Rouge Contractor Safety Orientation
12USI USI Industrial Services NEO
12USICHS USI Industrial NEO with Crane and Hand Signals
12USIREF USI Industrial Refresher
12VEOBNV Veolia Burnside Visitor Site Specific Orientation
12WLKPLQ Westlake Plaquimine Site and Unit Orientation
12XOMBPA ExxonMobil BRPP Work Permission Book Training
12XOMPPA ExxonMobil Baton Rouge Plastics Plant BRPP Work Permit Acceptor
13CALREF Calcasieu Refining Site Specific
13CITCSA Citgo Confined Space Attendant
13CITPSM Citgo Process Safety Mgmt.
13CITSCF Citgo Scaffold Lake Charles
13CLNG Cameron LNG Site Specific
13CLNGW Cameron LNG Permit to Work
13GARR Garrison Industrial Safety Orientation
13IVOL Indorama Site Specific – Lake Charles
13LAPIG Louisiana Pigment Safety Orientation
13LAPNRM Louisiana Pigment Norm Orientation
13LAPRMP Louisiana Pigment RMP Orientation
13LYB108 Lyondell Basell Site Specific Orientation Hwy 108
13PPGS PPG Silica Site Specific
13SASEN Sasol Site Specific Orientation – English
13TLNG Lake Charles LNG
13WSTLKN Westlake Site Specific North
13WSTLKS Westlake Site Specific South
13WWCC WasteWater Specialties Chemical Cleaning
13WWCS WasteWater Specilties Culture and Safety
13WWHAZ1 WasteWater Specialties Site-Specific Part 1 of 40 Hour HAZWOPER CBT
13WWHAZ2 WasteWater Specialties Site-Specific Part 2 of 40-Hour HAZWOPER CBT
13WWHAZ3 WasteWater Specialties Site-Specific Part 3 of 40-Hour HAZWOPER CBT
13WWHAZR WasteWater Specialties HAZWOPER Refresher
13WWHPWB WasteWater High Pressure Water Blasting
13WWLVAM WasteWater Specialties Liquid Vacuum Truck and Air Machine
14DELKBS Delek BSR Orientation
14HMTA17 HMT Tank Company Orientations A
14HMTB17 HMT Tank Company Orientations B
14HMTC17 HMT Tank Company Orientations C
15SU PANHANDLE Scaffold User
19ABLE Able Industrial Company Specific
19AFTETH Afton Chemical Ethyl Corp Houston Plant
19ALBBP Albemarle Bayport Site Specific
19ALBBPC Albemarle Bayport Contractor Orientation
19ALBEM Albermarle Pasadena Plant Site Specific
19ALBLMA Air Liquide Beaumont LMA Site Specific
19ALBPCV Air Liquide Bayport Complex Visitor Orientation
19ALCC Air Liquide Corpus Christi SMR Hydrogen Plant
19ALCUI Altair Strickland Corrosion Under Insulation
19ALCVO Air Liquide Channelview Visitor Orientation
19ALFASU Air Liquide Freeport ASU Orientation
19ALFHPU Air Liquide Freeport HPU Site-Specific
19ALFHYC Air Liquide Freeport HyCo
19ALHSP Altair Strickland Hand Signal Person
19ALIASU Air Liquide Ingleside ASU Orientation
19ALIHPU Air Liquide Ingleside HPU Plant
19ALLASU Air Liquide Longview ASU Site-Specific
19ALLPOX Air Liquide Longview POX ASU Plant Site Specific
19ALLPVO Air Liquide La Porte Visitor Orientation
19ALLSMR Air Liquide La Porte SMR Site Specific
19ALNASU Air Liquide Nederland ASU Plant
19ALPLO Air Liquide Pipeline Operations and Maintenance Site Specific
19ALPN Air Liquide Port Neches ASU & Co-Gen Plant
19ALRSMR Air Liquide Rodeo SMR Site Specific
19ALSASU Air Liquide Sulphur ASU Site Specific
19ALSPIN Air Liquide Spindletop Cavern
19ALSWP Air Liquide Work Permitting Process
19ALTAIR AltairStrickland Safety Training
19ALTLP Altivia Specialty Chemicals La Porte Employee Visitor and Contractor Introductory Training
19ALTSUP AltairStrickland Supervisor HSE Training
19ALVASU Air Liquide Victoria ASU Site-Specific
19AMNIA Ammonia Awareness
19AMPXNH Amerapex Corporation New Hire Orientation
19APBASU Air Products Baytown Air Separation Unit
19APBSYN Air Products Baytown SYNGAS
19APHYCO Air Products Baytown III HyCo Plant Site-Specific
19APPH Air Products Pasadena Hydrogen
19ARKCIW Arkema Clear Lake Operations Contractor Industrial Worker
19ARKCLO Arkema Clear Lake Operations Site Specific
19ARKDR Arkema Clear Lake Operations Driver
19ARKHAZ Arkema Clear Lake Operations Hazcom and Process Overview
19ARKHOU Arkema Houston – formerly ATOFINA Houston
19ARKIOE Arkema Clear Lake Operations Isolation of Energy
19ASBAW Asbestos Awareness
19ASBCON Athlon – Bayport Plant Contractor Orientation
19ASBOIL Altair Strickland Boilermaker
19ASBVIS Athlon – Bayport Plant Visitor Orientation
19ASFIRE Altair Strickland Fire Watch
19ASFORE Altair Strickland Foreman
19ASFORK Altair Strickland forklift
19ASHELP Altair Strickland Helper
19ASIIPP AltairStrickland Injury Illness Prevention Program
19ASLAB Altair Strickland Laborers
19ASPIPE Altair Strickland Pipefitter
19ASPROS AltairStrickland Safety Professional
19ASRIG Altair Strickland Rigging
19ASSWP AltairStrickland Safety Training
19BASFCP BASF CP Pasadena Contractor Orientation
19BAY INEOS Styrolution Americas LLC Bayport Site Specific
19BBBTS BBB Tank Services New Employee Orientation
19BCKTRN Safe Backing and Turning
19BESCS Brand Energy Solutions Confined Space
19BESHG Brand Energy Solutions HazCom and GHS
19BESLT Brand Energy Solutions Lockout/Tagout
19BESSI Brand Energy Solutions Scaffold User and Inspection
19BG1YR The Brock Group Module 2 HSEQ Annual Training
19BG3YR The Brock Group Module 3 HSEQ Training
19BGAR Bartlett Group Annual Refresher
19BGARS Bartlett Group Annual Refresher Spanish
19BGC1 Bartlett Group Carpenter 1 Orientation
19BGC1S Bartlett Group Carpenter 1 Orientation Spanish
19BGCTGS The Brock Group Module 5 Coatings
19BGH1 Bartlett Group Helper 1 Orientation
19BGH1S Bartlett Group Helper 1 Orientation Spanish
19BGH2 Bartlett Group Helper 2 Orientation
19BGH2S Bartlett Group Helper 2 Orientation Spanish
19BGIN Bartlett Group New Hire Orientation
19BGINS Bartlett Group Insulation Orientation Spanish
19BGINSU The Brock Group Module 7 Insulation
19BGLM Bartlett Group Lead Man Orientation
19BGLMS Bartlett Group Lead Man Orientation Spanish
19BGNH Bartlett Group New Hire Orientation
19BGNHS Bartlett Group New Hire Orientation Spanish
19BGPNT Bartlett Group Painter Orientation
19BGPNTS Bartlett Group Painter Orientation Spanish
19BGSCAF The Brock Group Module 6 Scaffold Erectors and Dismantlers
19BHIHSP Baker Hughes Inc. Houston Specialty Products HSP Site-Specific
19BMCD Burns and McDonnell ONEOK Company Specific
19BMWC BMWC Constructors Inc Company Specific
19BORN Born Industrial LLC Employee Orientation
19BPCBP Baker Hughes Inc Bayport Site Specific
19BPWL1 BP WestLake NECO Level 1
19BPWL2 BP WestLake NECO Level 2
19BRAHMA Brahma Group Inc Gulf Coast Safety Orientation
19BRAND Brand Energy Services New Hire
19BRINS Brock Insulator Knowledge Check
19BRPAIN Brock Paint Knowledge Check
19BRSCA Brock Scaffold Knowledge Check
19BSAFE The Brock Group Module 1 Safety Orientation
19BSAFES The Brock Group Safety Orientation Spanish
19BWCT Bilfinger Westcon Inc Core Training
19CALBEC Calpine Baytown Energy Center Site Specific
19CBC Celanese Bay City Contractor Orientation
19CBCWP Celanese Bay City Work Permits
19CBJV Chocolate Bayou Joint Venture New Employee Orientation
19CHMLP Chemours La Porte Plant Site Specific
19CHS CHS Laurel Refinery Site Specific
19CHSHFA CHS Laurel Refinery HF Acid Area Training
19CHSMCP CHS McPherson Refinery Safety Orientation
19CHSMCS CHS McPherson Refinery Safety Orientation Spanish
19CIS Crawford Industrial Services Safety Training
19CLPCO Celanese Clear Lake Contractor Orientation
19COF Cust-O-Fab New Employee & Refresher Orientation
19CONCS Contech Control Services Company Specific
19CPCCON Chevron Phillips Drilling Specialties Conroe Plant
19CPCL1 Chevron Phillips Pasadena Plastics Level 1
19CPRUSA Critical Path Resources New Hire Orientation
19CRARIG Shell Deer Park Crafts Personnel
19CVO LyondellBasell Channelview Complex CVO Site Specific
19DFSSV Defensive Driving – Small Vehicles
19DGCP Dow Gulf Coast Pipeline – Freeport
19DOWCIW Dow Contractors Industrial Workers HASC
19DOWDR Dow Driver HASC
19DOWIOE Dow Isolation of Energy HASC
19DOWOXY Dow Oxygen Service Maintenance Worker Training
19DOWRSS Dow Gulf Coast Regional Site Safety Awareness
19DOWSA Dow Security Awareness Contractor Training
19DRS Diamond Refractory Services
19DSG Debusk Services Group Company Specific
19DSGSUP Debusk Services Group LLC Supervisor Training
19DUPONT DuPont La Porte
19EEFS EthosEnergy Field Services New Employee Orientation/ Triannual Employee Policy Review
19EGACRY Evergreen Acrylonitrile Orientation
19EGAR Evergreen Annual Safety Refresher Assessment
19EGCC Evergreen Chemical Cleaning
19EGDOT Evergreen Entry Level New Hire DOT Driver
19EGHB Evergreen Hydroblasting Assessment
19EGHREC Evergreen Hazard Recognition
19EGHWPR Evergreen HAZWOPER Refresher
19EGHZMT Evergreen North America Industrial Services Hazmat Training
19EGNH Evergreen Industrial Services
19EGSSD Evergreen Smith System Driving
19EGTCO Evergreen Tank Cleaning Operations Assessment
19EGV Evergreen Vacuum Operations Assessment
19EHSCS Enterprise Products Houston Ship Channel and Appelt Spanish
19EMBAY ExxonMobil Baytown Area Sites Orientation
19EMBCTA ExxonMobil Baytown Complex Turnaround Unit Orientation
19EMBR ExxonMobil Billings Refinery Safety Orientation
19EMC393 ExxonMobil Baytown FET 393 Lifting Near Overhead Power Lines
19EMC394 ExxonMobil Baytown FET 394 Cranes and Lifting Overview
19EMC395 ExxonMobil Baytown FET 395 Rigging Operations
19EMC396 ExxonMobil Baytown FET 396 Operators and Directors
19EMC397 ExxonMobil Baytown FET 397 Craftsperson Performing Rigging Tasks
19ENPECH Enterprise Products ECHO Terminal
19ENPHSC Enterprise Products Houston Ship Channel
19EQCST Lyondell Basell Matagorda Confined Space
19EQLTT Lyondell Basell Matagorda Lock Tag and Try
19EQUCBF Equistar – Chocolate Bayou Complex
19EQULPO LyondellBasell La Porte Complex Contractor Orientation
19EQUMTO Equistar Matagorda Site Specific
19EQUPL Equistar Pipeline
19EQUPLV Equistar Pipeline Verbal
19ESNH EnviroCon Systems New Hire Orientation
19ESTARV LydondellBasell Victoria Plant Site Specific
19EVAL Kuraray America inc. EVAL Site Specific
19EVNKP Evonik Pasadena Site Specific
19EXPRPL Explorer Pipeline
19EXTS Fire Extinguisher Safety
19FHDMR Flint Hills Resources Houston Chemical Plant DMR Responsibilities
19FHFVC FHR HCP Fire Watch Vehicle Escort and Confined Space Attendant
19FLAGGR Dow Flagger HASC
19FORCE Force Specialty Services Inc. Company Specific
19FORCOR Force Corporation Company Specific
19FORCRP Force Corporation Roadway Worker Protection Company Specific
19FPC13B Formosa Plastics Corp. 1_3-Butadiene
19FPCASB Formosa Plastics Corp. Asbestos Awareness
19FPCBEN Formosa Plastics Corp. Benzene
19FPCCHR Formosa Plastics Corp. Chromium VI
19FPCCRY Formosa Plastics Corp. Cryogenic Safety Awareness
19FPCETO Formosa Plastics Corp. Ethylene Oxide
19FPCGP1 Formosa Plastics Corp. PSM Group 1
19FPCGP2 Formosa Plastics Corp. PSM Group 2
19FPCGP3 Formosa Plastics Corp. PSM Group 3
19FPCGP4 Formosa Plastics Corp. PSM Group 4
19FPCGP5 Formosa Plastics Corp. PSM Group 5
19FPCHAZ Formosa Plastics Corp. Hazardous Energy Control
19FPCHMS Formosa Plastics Corp Hazardous Materials and In Depth Security Training
19FPCMTS Formosa Plastics Corp. MTSA Security Awareness as Required by 33 CFR 105.215
19FPCNIT Formosa Plastics Corp. Nitrogen Awareness
19FPCORT Formosa Plastics Corporation Site Specific Orientation
19FPCSL Formosa Plastics Corp. Contractor Safety Lead
19FPCSWP Formosa Plastics Corp. Permitting for Contractors
19FPCVIN Formosa Plastics Corp. Vinyl Chloride
19FSA Facility Security Awareness
19FWATCH Fire Watch General Awareness
19GALLUP Marathon Petroleum – Gallup Refinery Site Specific
19GMR Gladieux Metals Recycling Site-Specific
19GRB GR Birdwell Construction Company Specific
19GRBS GR Birdwell Construction Spanish Company Specific
19GRBSUP GR Birdwell Construction Supervisor Training
19GSCA Gulfspan Industrial LLC Craft Assessment – 199
19GSCS GSCS Services New Hire Orientation
19GSCSAR GSCS Services Annual Refresher
19GSISO Gulfspan Industrial LLC Safety Orientation
19HAFORE HASC Foreman Assessment
19HAND Hand Wrist and Finger Safety
19HBFT WaterJet Technology Association (WJTA) Hydroblast Operator Foundational Training
19HEORIG Shell Deer Park Crane Operators and Riggers
19HFOTCO Energy Transfer Houston Terminal Contractor Orientation
19HMMECH H&M Industrial EPC Company Specific
19HOTW Hot Work
19HTOOL Hand Tool Safety General Awareness
19HUNCDV Huntsman Conroe & Dayton Verbal Assistance
19HVNSAV Hovensa Refinery Visitors Orientation
19IISG Inland Industrial Services Group
19INBMC INEOS Battleground Manufacturing Complex
19INPSS INEOS Phenol Pasadena Plant
19INTRAN Intertek Annual Training
19INTRNH Intertek New Hire Orientation
19INTRSL Intertek Safety Leadership
19IREX Irex Contracting Group Company Specific
19IREXS Irex Contracting Group Spanish Company Specific
19ITC Intercontinental Terminals Company
19ITCBD Intercontinental Terminals Company 1 3 Butadiene
19ITCBZ Intercontinental Terminals Company Benzene Awareness
19ITCP Intercontinental Terminals Company – Pasadena Site Specific
19JFSNA Jacobs Field Services North America Inc Company Specific
19JGTL Juniper GTL
19JSCCS Johnson Space Center Confined Space Entry
19JSCLT Johnson Space Center Lockout/Tagout
19JSCSS Johnson Space Center Site Specific
19JSCSSS Johnson Space center Site Specific Spanish
19JVDNE JV Driver New Employee Orientation
19JVI JV Industrial Companies
19KANEKA Kaneka North America Site Specific
19KMBOST Kinder Morgan BOTSCO Terminal Site Specific
19KMGLS Kinder Morgan Gulf Liquids
19KMGLSS Kinder Morgan Gulf Liquids Site Specific Spanish
19KSPS Koch Specialty Plant Services Company Specific
19KSPSMA Koch Specialty Plant Services LLC Mechanics Skill Assessment
19KSPSRW Koch Specialty Plant Services Respectful Workplace
19KURVIN Kuraray La Porte Site Specific
19LBCFSA LBC Tank Terminals Houston Facility Security Awareness
19LBCTT LBC Tank Terminals Houston Site Specific
19LHR LyondellBasell Houston Refining Site Specific
19LIMBAY Limetree Bay Terminal Site Specific
19LYBBPC LyondellBasell Bayport Complex
19LYCRA The LYCRA Company – LA Porte Site Specific
19LZ Lubrizol Bayport and Deer Park Site Specific
19LZAMP Lubrizol Acrylonitrile
19Maxim Maxim Crane Works Company Specific Training
19MEBDD1 Miller Environmental Services LLC Basic Driver Safety
19MEMCP MEMC Pasadena Site Specific
19MGDOT The Miller Group DOT Driver Training
19MILLER Miller Environmental Services LLC Company Specific
19MOBLES Mobley Industrial Services Spanish
19MOBLEY Mobley Industrial Services HASC
19MTXAIR Matrix Service Supplied Air Exam
19MTXBMB Matrix Service Boilermaker Assessment
19MTXCUT Matrix Service Angle Grinder and Oxy-Acetylene Cutting
19MTXPFB Matrix Service Pipefitter Assessment
19MTXREF Matrix Service C-STOP Refresher
19NCTI Nippon Chemical Texas Inc Site specific
19NORM Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)
19NORMV Naturally Occurring Radiactive Material NORM Verbal
19ODFJEL ODFJELL Terminals-Houston Terminal LP
19OIS Ohmstede Industrial Svcs
19OISJSA Ohmstede Industrial Services Hazard Awareness and JSA Training
19OISSP Ohmstede Industrial Services Signal Person Hand and Radio
19ONPBUS Onpoint Field Bus Operator Orientation
19ONPT Onpoint New Hire Orientation
19ONPTSA Onpoint Safety Attendant Training
19OXYGEN OxyChem General Procedures
19OXYKEY OxyChem Key Procedures
19P2S P2S-Plant Performance Services
19P66F Phillips 66 Ferndale Site Specific
19P66FHF Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery Hydrofluoric Acid
19PANFLU Pandemic COVID-19 Influenza
19PARCSP ParFab Companies Confined Space Training
19PARFAB ParFab Field Services Safety Training
19PARFP ParFab Companies Fall Protection Training
19PARHAZ ParFab Companies HAZCOM and GHS Training
19PARLTO ParFab Companies Lockout/Tagout Training
19PARSIL ParFab Companies Respirable Crystalline Training
19PIGSH Partner Industrial Employee EH&S Indoctrination
19POWELO Powell Electrical Systems Inc Office Safety Training
19PPINH PPI Engineering and Construction Services New Hire Orientation
19PRSI Chevron Pasadena Refinery Site Specific
19PRSILT Chevron Pasadena Refinery LockoutTagout
19PTCE Pasadena Tank – English
19PTCSUP Pasadena Tank
19PTOOL Powered Hand Tools General Awareness
19PUFFER Puffer Sweiven Company Specific
19RCRA1 RCRA Part 1
19RIG1 Basic Rigging Part 1
19RIG2 Basic Rigging Part 2
19RWRWP RailWorks Roadway Worker Protection On Track Safety
19SA5 Safety Awareness
19SCCSTA Shell Deer Park 2016 CCAG-SSB Turnaround Orientation
19SCNE Sprint Companies New Employee Orientation
19SCNES Sprint Companies New Employee Orientation Spanish
19SCNEV Sprint Companies New Employee Orientation Verbal Assistance
19SCTD Sprint Companies Transport Driver
19SCWD Sprint Companies Waste Driver
19SCWDS Sprint Companies Waste Driver Spanish
19SEKPAS Sekisui Specialty Chemicals America LLC- Pasadena Plant
19SEPTON Kuraray America Inc Elastomers Plant formerly Septon Company of America
19SFWY Safway New Hire Orientation Annual Refresher
19SFWYD Safway Driver 101
19SGS SGS Petroleum Service Corp.
19SGSRL SGS – Rules for Life
19SHC Stronghold Companies LTD. General Safety and Health Annual Refresher
19SHCFLM Stronghold Companies Front Line Manager
19SHELLP Shell Deer Park Permitting Process
19SHELLT Shell Deer Park Site Specific
19SHELPT Shell Projects and Technology New Hire Orientation
19SHSVAN Stronghold Specialty 15-Passanger Van Safety
19SIC Summit Industrial Construction Orientation
19SICS Summit Industrial Construction Orientation Spanish
19SLVYDP Solvay Deer Park
19SPX SPX Cooling Technologies Inc Jobsite Safety Orientation
19SPXTQ SPX Bolting Systems Hydraulic Torquing
19STOLT Stolthaven Houston Inc
19SULTUR Sulzer Turbo Services
19SUNCOR Suncor Energy Commerce City Refinery Site Specific
19SUNIG Sun Industrial Group LLC Company Specific
19SUNIGS Sun Industrial Group LLC Company Specific Spanish
19SUNMDS Sun Midstream Services LLC Company Specific Spanish
19SUNMID Sun Midstream Services LLC Company Specific
19SYNGB GB Biosciences Greens Bayou Plant Site Specific
19THORPE Thorpe Specialty Services Corporation Company Specific
19THORPS Thorpe Specialty Services Corporation Company-Specific Spanish
19THRDR Thermon Approved Driver and Defensive Driving
19THRSUP Thermon Supervisor HSE Orientation
19THTS Thermon Company Specific
19TITAN Titan Contracting New Hire Orientation
19TMCSO Tesoro Mandan Contractor Site Specific
19TNT TNT Crane and Rigging New Hire Orientation
19TOTBP BayStar Bayport Polymers LLC Site-Specific
19TOTLP Total Petrochemicals-La Porte
19TPC TPC Group Houston Contractor Orientation
19TPCLC TPC Group Houston Life Critical Training
19TRACER Tracer Industries
19TRACRS Tracer Industries-Spanish
19TRATEC Tray Tec INC Company Specific
19TSHSEO Total Safety New Hire HSE Orientation
19TSOANA Tesoro Anacortes Site Specific
19TWS Turnaround Welding Services
19TWSBM Turnaround Welding Services Boilermaker Assesment
19TWSBW Turnaround Welding Services Bottle Watch Assessment
19TWSCS Turnaround Welding Services Confined Space Assessment
19TWSFW Turnaround Welding Services Fire Watch Assessment
19TWSIW Turnaround Welding Services Ironworker Assessment
19TWSPF Turnaround Welding Services Pipefitter Assessment
19TWSRIG Turnaround Welding Services Riggers Assessment
19TWSSP Turnaround Welding Services Signal Person Assessment
19TWSSUP Turnaround Welding Services Supervisor Assessment
19TWSWLD Turnaround Welding Services Welders Assessment
19TXMRK Texmark Chemicals Inc Contractor Orientation
19TXST Texas Stress Inc Company Specific Orientation
19TXSTSO Texas Stress Inc Safety Orientation
19UBT United Bulk Terminals Davant
19VALERO Valero Houston Refinery Contractor Safety Orientation
19VALLEN Vallen New Hire Orientation
19VALWIL Valero Wilmington Contractor Orientation
19VBRSS Valero Benicia Refinery Site Specific
19VES Veolia ES Industrial Services Company Specific
19VES43G Veolia ES Industrial Services S43G High-Pressure Water Cleaning
19VESCBR Veolia ES Industrial Services Cobra Operator
19VESCC Veolia ES Industrial Services Chemical Cleaning
19VESDB Veolia ES Industrial Diamondback Operator
19VESHB Veolia ES Industrial Services Hydroblasting Safety New Hire Orientation
19VESHBR Veolia ES Industrial Services Hydroblasting Safety Refresher
19VESMC Veolia ES Industrial Mini-Cobra Operator
19VESS2 Veolia ES Industrial Services Scorpion II Operator
19VESVAC Veolia ES Industrial Services Vacuum Safety New Hire Orientation
19VESVSR Veolia ES Industrial Services Vacuum Safety Refresher
19VOPAK Vopak Site-Specific
19VPP Introduction to the Voluntary Protection Program
19WSPHR Wyatt Signal Person Hand Radio
19WYAJHA Wyatt Field Service Company – JHA
19WYARSC Wyatt Field Service Respirable Silica Worker Competent Person Training
19WYARSW Wyatt Field Service Respirable Silica Worker Training
19WYATGS Wyatt Field Service Grinder Safety
19WYATST Wyatt Supervisor Training
19WYATT Wyatt Field Service Onboarding Orientation
19ZAMPEL Zampell Safety Orientation
20HFA01 Hydrofluoric Acid Awareness
20IVXPFULL Indorama Ventures Xylenes and PTA LLC. (IVXP)
20VLE01 Valero Energy Memphis Site Orientation
20VLE02 Valero Lockout Tagout Tennessee Valley
21DCRDE Delaware City Site Specific
21JCLNH JCL Services New Hire Orientation
21MONROE Monroe Energy Site Specific
24HFWX HollyFrontier Site Orientation Woods Cross UT
24HFWXA HollyFrontier Alky Orientation Woods Cross UT
A15CSE Panhandle Confined Space
K2HCCSFS Mod 2 – Hazard Communications Confined Space Entry Fire Safety
K2M1COSP Mod 1 – Code of Safe Practices and Standards of Conduct
K2SDFALS Mod4-Safe Driving Forklift-Arial Lift Tool Safety Housekeeping Hydroblasting- Vacuum Services
K2WHEIES Mod 3 – Working at Heights Energy Isolation Electrical Safety
MLWR15W Millwright
MTRX0003 HSE – (Matrix) Aerial Lifts for Construction & Renewal

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